Support public education funding!


Grayson Joslin

Over the week of April 22-26, New Castle High School teachers participated in the Indiana State Teachers Association’s “Red For Ed Week,” and 30 Trojan teachers participated in a “walk-in” on the morning of the 26th, showing unity and solidarity.

I am very proud of my teachers, the same people my 15-year old self looks up to, for showing their dissatisfaction with the state government over the funding that goes into public education in the state. The government of the state of Indiana, I believe, is not taking control and assuming blame for the teacher shortage and the misuse of education funds in our state.

The General Assembly is giving millions of dollars to private schools, and almost $20 million in vouchers, despite the poor results on exams like ISTEP. The tens of millions of dollars that should be going towards raising teacher pay and to our public school systems is instead being sent to private and charter schools. This is unacceptable.

The state government has not shown care for shortages of teachers in this state. The money that teachers get in this state, compared to other states, is unacceptably low. Teachers in Indiana start out making $35,000 per year, according to the National Education Association. The NEA also states that Indiana teachers make, on average, $54,308 a year. This number is 26th in the nation for teacher pay, but this number deserves to go higher. 

I am done with all of the blame being placed on the individual school corporations for why there is not enough money for teachers. The blame needs to be placed upon the Indiana General Assembly. The General Assembly needs to take responsibility that they are the reason teachers are not getting the pay they deserve and that school corporations are running out of money.

There are 1,860 public schools and only 72 charter schools in the state of Indiana, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. It does not make any sense why these charter schools are receiving more money from the state level than the almost 1,800 more public schools. There is no more time for waiting. The teachers of my school, New Castle High School, and the teachers of other schools across this state has spoken. The Indiana General Assembly needs to invest more money on public education to make sure our teachers get they pay they deserve.