Is college needed to be successful?


Conner McCormick

At this school it would seem that a large majority of students want to go to college after high school. Teachers ever since we were children told us that we were going to go off to college after high school. Truth is, not all of us are, but it does raise the question. Is college needed to be successful?

It is true that a college degree can open a vast array of options. It can open up several good jobs and options. One great thing about college is not just the education however, you also get life long connections that can help you later on and maybe get you a job. You also gain several friends, and get to explore your interests and see if you like things.

College is great, but their are other options that can make you just as successful as anyone else. Luther Prater, who teaches college and careers, is always saying that ¨college is not needed to be successful.¨ He has several people come in who decided not to go to college and rather went right into their field and gained experience who earn a lot of big bucks.

Brian Andrews, a speaker Mr. Prater had come in recently, did not go to college and decided to go into building trades and pipe welding. He is very successful and it only took time. Also, even though you may not like what your going into, you might actually end up liking it, or realize that this field was meant for you. You might want to try out a vocational, such as building trades or engineering, before you decide on a college, this can help you make up your mind on whether college is right for you. College can put you into a lot of debt as well, and the debt might not be worth the risk. One big factor is that you might not actually learn anything in college, a lot of your critical thinking skills and habits are formed in high school, and they might not work at the college level.

In conclusion, you don’t have to go to college to be successful at life. It will take hard work and patience, because you’ll have to wait in the long run. No matter what you choose in life, make sure you explore your options before choosing, so you can make an educated choice, and something that you enjoy. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it is the right choice and where you’re meant to be.