A letter for the freshmen

A letter for the freshmen

Mackenzie Lewis

Dear freshmen class,

Freshman year, we’ve all been there. Be prepared for the freshmen jokes, and the freshmen nicknames because if you haven’t heard them yet, trust me, you will by the end of the year. Don’t be rude and don’t be obnoxious when someone tells you something (whether it’s a student or a teacher) because 9 times  out of 10, they are actually trying to help you and are giving some pretty good advice.

Don’t stop or walk in the middle of the hallway. Stay on the right side of the hallways so people can get through. Do not gossip. Don’t get into school fights because it’s not worth it. You will get suspended and other punishments and it’s genuinely just not worth your time to talk behind other people’s backs and get into fights.

Your freshman year is one of the most important years of school. You need to work extra hard to get good grades and keep your GPA up. If you decide to not try this year, it will be harder to get your GPA up after messing around this year and not putting any effort to school. Always try and work hard this year and the upcoming years so you can relax and enjoy your senior year of high school.

ALWAYS wear deodorant. I can’t stress this enough.  The school and classrooms smell bad enough on their own, so just don’t come to school stinky. Do not leave food in your lockers. We have enough cockroaches and bugs as is, and we don’t need any more bugs because you are too lazy to clean your locker.

Don’t carry every book, folder, binder, etc. that you need for every class that day. Keep things in your locker and go to it regularly so your aren’t dropping things (especially your computer) and stressing yourself out more than you should be. Keep a system. Always have a system for your homework, locker, classes, etc.

Plan ahead and stay on track. Homework, projects, and tests come a lot faster and are a lot closer than you think they are. Get the assignments and projects done when they are assigned so you’re not stressing out trying to do it the night before. School is stressful enough. Don’t put more stress on yourself than you need to.

At the end of the day, have fun. I’m not saying to go out and drink and party. What I am saying is to be involved, play sports, join a club, go to a game, or go out and do stuff that doesn’t stress you out and you enjoy doing. Yes, school is important, but it is always important to stay as stress free as you can and do what you enjoy!

Good luck!

Phoenix Staff