Thornhaven Manor and its haunted tale

Thornhaven Manor and its haunted tale

Mackenzie Lewis

Thornhaven Manor is considered one of Indiana’s most famous haunted houses. Thornhaven Manor is a mansion that was built in 1845 by Simon Powell. Before the structure was build the land was bought in 1821, only 5 years after Indiana became a state. The structure is over 160 years old. The house has been vacant since the 1970’s but is currently owned by Steve Miller.

The reason this house is so interesting and popular is because it is supposedly haunted. There have been around four deaths involved with the people who lived in the house. Amelia Powell was the wife to Simon Powell, who had a child together named Lizzie. They were the original family of the house. 2 year old Lizzie died in the house after they began living there. Amelia then began suffering from “mental illness” and left to be with her sister in Logansport. When Amelia’s sister when to check on Amelia, she found a note that said she would not be found. Amelia’s sister was then “guided by an unknown power” and wandered to an area nearby and found her sister’s lifeless body in the water.

There was also the story of the Powell sons, Henry and Orlistus. They were both in battle during the civil war. Henry made it out of war alive. Orlistus, however, did not. Henry Powell lived in the house until his death at 72 years old. Someone in who lived in the house in later years walked with a wooden crutch/cane, and they say that in the house you can hear someone walking upstairs while dragging something on the floor. Could Henry have been injured in war and have needed a crutch to walk?

Ruben Bailey was the lifelong caretaker of the house. Bailey was murdered by his son-in-law who had replaced the sugar in the house with rat poison. There was, however, no official documents stating that Bailey died in the house.

Thornhaven Manor has seen people travel to investigate the house and its property. Every time someone comes to investigate they are required to sign a waver. They are also warned about the top of the stairs and how many people feel sick and dizzy, especially if you’re sensitive. The house has been the subject of an episode of ‘Ghost Adventures’. ‘Ghost Adventures’ investigated the property a few years ago. They heard voices and caught figures on camera. Doors slam, footsteps, whispering, walkie talkies turning on at the top of the stairs, etc. They were also able to communicate to Lizzie and many more spirits.

From the evidence caught on camera and all the stories and tales we all have our different opinions on the house. Do you believe it’s haunted or do you just think its a spooky Halloween tale?