Top 10 tips for new students


Jazmine Routin

I moved to New Castle in September of 2019. I’ve moved to multiple schools. This is some advice that helps the process of the new school.

  1. Find extra-circular activities or clubs to be involved in. (This will look good on your transcript whenever you are applying to colleges.)
  2. Being involved in school can help you in making new friends. 
  3. First impressions stick with people. (It shows others who you are.)
  4. Find at least two ways to get to your classes(This will help you get to class easier and minimize confusion)
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are confused. (Teachers are usually super helpful.)
  6. Be yourself. (Don’t try to be like someone else or to fit into a clique, be unique)
  7. Keep your things organized, especially in your locker. (It will help you whenever you are looking for your assignments)
  8. Try getting assignments done as soon as possible. (The due dates for assignments come faster than it may seem.)
  9. Keep distractions away, like petty drama. (Try to become completely focused during class time.)
  10.  Take classes that will actually benefit and prepare you in college, like dual-credit and AP classes. (There will be no use to take AP classes if you are wanting to join the carpenters union.)