How to cope and deal with a bully

Mackenzie Lewis, Staff Writer

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Dealing with a bully is a tough thing to go through and most of us have or will have to deal with it. There are different ways to deal with a bully. There are wrong ways and there are right ways. Here are some tips to taking on a bully.

  1. Stay confident. Defending yourself is something you always have to do. Don’t let the bully bring you down and keep you quiet. Stand tall and be confident. Don’t be bully back at the person. If you are acting like a bully back to that person, then you are no better than the bully. Do not get in a fight either. Getting it a fight over drama is not a good way to solve conflicts and will get you in trouble. Defend yourself but don’t become the bully.
  2. Stay connected to your friends and family. Don’t isolate yourself. If you let the bully bring you down to the point of isolation, the bully will know that they have won. Stick with your friends because they will always have your back and the bully will back down.
  3. Join extra-curricular activities. Whether you are in a sport, a club, or a musical group, there will be a group of people who will also have your back. You will also stay busy. Staying busy will also keep your mind straight. Being occupied can keep the person from thinking about the bully and it also distances the person from the bully. If the bully, however, is apart of this team then you need to talk to an adult leader about the situation.
  4. Talk to a trusted adult. Talking to a friend can help but going to a trusted adult is better. This is one of the best things you can do. Telling a teacher or a family member is good because they can communicate with someone to get the bullying to stop. Don’t be afraid to tell someone. If nothing else is working and it hasn’t stopped, you need to talk to the people who can make that happen.
  5. If a bully says something rude to you compliment them. They won’t know what to do, but better yet they might’ve just needed to hear something nice from someone.

People only bully when they aren’t happy with something in their life. If you are happy or you have something they like, it makes them mad and jealous because they wish they had what you had. That is why they bully. So the next time you or someone that you know is being bullied or remember these things because you might just need them if the time comes.