Gifts to get your friends this holiday season


Grayson Joslin, Editor

The holiday season has come upon us. The holiday season has been characterized as the “season of giving”, as people give their friends and loved one special gifts during the Christmas season. People can get stuck thinking about what to get their friends for Christmas. So, in no particular order, here are some inexpensive gifts to get your friends for Christmas.

  1. Image result for candyCandy – Candy is a popular gift that is cheap (compared to other items) and that can be in great demand. You can get your friends chocolate bars (like Hershey’s), fudge, toffee, jelly beans, candy corn and Twizzlers. Almost everyone loves candy and it’s a nice gift for anyone to enjoy this holiday season.
  2. Image result for gift cardsGift cards – Gift cards can be used for anything – from restaurants to playing on your game console with your friends, gift cards can have great benefits for the price of the gift.
  3. Image result for candleScented candles – Candles can make a room come alive with beautiful scents. They can be very inexpensive, and they can help bring the holiday spirit alive.
  4. Image result for journalA journal – Sometimes people want to write about how they feel. By getting your friend a journal, they can express their feelings on a blank canvas. Also, you can include a nice note in their for your friend upon them receiving the gift.
  5. Image result for board gamesBoard games – If you ever want to take a break from your phone, board games are the way to go. Board games are a great way to spend time with friends and have friendly competition.
  6. Image result for cookiesCookies – Along with candy, cookies are a great food item to get a friend. You could either buy them from the store, or you could make them from our own kitchen!
  7. Image result for booksBooks – If one of your friends is a book worm, consider getting them a book about a topic that interests them or from their favorite book series. It’s sure to keep them bundled up and warm during Christmas break.
  8. Image result for frames photoFramed photo – Do you have a photo with your friend that you want to last forever? Go to Walmart and print that photo off of your phone, and give your friend that cherished photo for Christmas.
  9. Image result for friendship braceletsFriendship bracelets – Buy a bracelet kit and create matching bracelets for you and your friend. This can show your unbreakable bond.
  10. Image result for blanketBlanket – Whenever it gets cold outside, we all want to snuggle in a blanket while watching television. By getting a blanket, your friend can get warm during the cold nights during the winter.
  11. Image result for jewelryJewelry – If your friend likes to wear jewelry, consider getting a necklace with a motivational saying for them to lighten up their day.

No matter what you get for your friend this Christmas, your friend will be glad that you got them that gift! ‘Tis the season!