Beauty and the Beast- social media

Mackenzie Lewis

Beauty! Beauty has many different meanings and is seen differently to everyone. Our society has made beauty out to be so fake and plastic. For example, if you aren’t a certain height, weight, or look a certain way you aren’t considered beautiful. There is a video called ‘Dove: Evolution of a Model’ and in that video a model goes through hair and makeup to change her appearance, after the picture is taken it is then sent off to editors who completely change the way the woman looks. The editors then continue to make the models neck longer, eyebrows lower, shoulders more narrow, and jaw more chiseled. The model was then ready to be put on a billboard advertising foundation makeup. If a model can’t be seen as herself representing a brand no wonder people feel this overwhelming power to be some sort of perfect that they can’t be. The reason nobody can look as perfect as those models is because perfect doesn’t exist and is being changed physically and electronically. 

Women nor men should be held to look a certain type of way, yet people still hold each other to these expectations. Models in magazines and on billboards not only are edited to look a certain way, but are held to certain diets to keep a “socially acceptable” weight. People compare themselves to models and the average person is left feeling insecure about themselves. If someone is feeling insecure about themselves, there are healthier ways to deal with it but comparing yourself to anyone is never a good option.

Healthy ways to deal with feeling insecure about your body comes in many different shapes and forms. tells us we should give ourselves three positive compliments a day. They also tell us to only change what we know we can and to do it in a healthy way. Stick to a plan and keep it healthy if you are really set on changing something about yourself.

Beauty comes to us from all over the world and in many negative and positive ways. People can be judgmental or rude but you have to remember to stay true to yourself. Don’t try and base the way you look off of the way a model looks on a billboard or in a magazine. Remember to boast your own self-esteem and keep yourself happy and motivated. It doesn’t matter what other people look like because everyone is different, so stand tall and be proud of who you are.