Overview of On my Block

Mackenzie Lewis

On My Block is a Netflix show about a group of friends; Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar. In the three seasons of this show our group of friends are faced with many adventures, tragedy, and life changing experiences. This group of friends and their families live in a bad neighborhood filled with gangs and violence.

Cesar has an older brother they call spooky who is the leader of a gang called The Santos, which means saints in Spanish. This group was originally founded to protect the neighborhood. The Santos have a rival gang called The Prophets. The Prophets tend to do some damage to Cesar and his friends but the leader of The Prophets, Latrelle, tends to do more damage to everyone by himself. Cesar is also raised by his older brother Spooky, the leader of The Santos, for reasons you will have to watch the show to understand.

Monse is raised by her father who travels a lot leaving her home alone or with her friends. Monse is the mature one of the friend group who does her best to keep everyone on track and in line. She is also in an on and off relationship with one of the friends in their group.

Ruby is 5’1”, which makes him the shortest of his friends. Ruby has quite the love life that tends to destroy him. He lives with his mom, dad, grandmother, and siblings. He is a gentleman but tends to get mistaken for a child because of his young face and short height.

Jamal is the adventurous one out of the bunch. In the show there is a long story explaining the Roller World money, something that Jamal is very determined to find. He is always on the lookout for new adventures and different mysteries to solve even though he can be quite the scaredy cat. Jamal lives with his mom and dad. He is sometimes caught working for his father at his restaurant, Dwayne’s Joint.

The characters in this show go through a lot and have some crazy adventures. The show is very interesting and entertaining to watch. It is worth the watch and definitely worth your time especially stuck in quarantine.