Things to do while stuck in quarantine


Mackenzie Lewis

If you are stuck at home quarantined and have no idea what you should do here is a list of different things to do in different categories for you to choose from.


  • Learn to play and instrument
  • Do some karaoke alone or with your family you are quarantined with 
  • Write a song
  • Make a new playlist of Spotify or Apple Music
  • Listen to new songs and learn them word by word


  • Have a photoshoot 
  • Mix and match different clothing items to make different instagram aesthetics


  • Organize your boards 
  • Delete old boards and create new boards
  • Find new room creativity and things to switch up your room
  • Find DIYs you can recreate

Self care:

  • Scrubs or exfoliants
  • Bubble baths
  • Face masks
  • Workout 
  • Try new makeup looks
  • Read a book 
  • Try new and different skincare routines


  • Complete all your missing work
  • Do all your Elearning each week 
  • Get ahead 


  • Learn the alphabet backwards 
  • Learn sign language 
  • Learn a new language 
  • Learn how to cook/ bake


  • Go through your Youtube subscriptions and unsubscribe or edit them how you like
  • Unsubscribe to magazine, makeup, etc. subscriptions


  • Take all the seeds out of a strawberry
  • Deep clean your room or your house
  • Binge watch a new show on netflix or hulu
  • Teach your dog new skills
  • Grow a plant family
  • color

These are a bunch of different ideas for people to try if you are getting bored at home and have no idea what else to do.