What’s hot what’s not: November 2020


Kenzie Lewis

Welcome to this month’s session of What’s Hot and What’s Not. This is an article about things that are popular at the moment and things that are no longer very popular or are going out of style.


Oversized jeans- Jeans that are tight around the waist but are oversized and wide everywhere else.
Lip gloss- Very popular right now over lip gloss and lip stains because of the classy yet simple look.
Oversized graphic tees- T shirts with logos, designs, or pictures that are a few sizes bigger than what you would normally wear. Especially popular worn with oversized jeans.
Thrift shopping- Shopping at stores like goodwill where you buy vintage/ used clothing and other things.
Wellness shots- Contain nutrients and enzymes that are supposed to help with your immune system.
Plant based meats- Meat made from plants that is especially designed and created to look like, taste like, and cook like conventional meat.


Facebook- An old app used to share pictures, videos, and ideas that is mostly used by older people; younger people are not into Facebook as much as Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.
Wired headphones- With airpods, wireless beats, or any other kinds of wireless headphones people have for the most part dropped wires for wireless; only really using wires when it’s an only option.
Juice cleanse- Juice cleanses are wear you drink pressed juices for an entire day instead of food. It is used to detox your body and give you a cleansed palette.
Fortnite- Fortnite is a game that was all the rage last year that had many kids getting in trouble for yelling all day. Although many people still play it, it is not talked about or hyped up as much as it used to be.
Hoverboards- Hoverboards were objects you would stand on and they would move pretty fast. They used to be really expensive, all the rage, and everyone wanted them. Now most people with them don’t really ride them and they are not talked about as much.
Fanny packs- Fanny packs are like small purses work around the waist or across the chest that buckle in the back. They made a huge comeback last year but are slowly going back out of style.

That concludes Novembers column of what’s hot and what’s not.