Thanksgiving survey

Thanksgiving survey

Mackenzie Lewis

With Thanksgiving around the corner, a survey was sent out to all of the students at New Castle High School about Thanksgiving and their traditions and their favorite things about the holiday.

Over half of the students at NCHS favorite holiday is not Thanksgiving with a percentage of 63.9%. 19.9% of respondents believe that Thanksgiving could possibly be their favorite holiday but they aren’t sure and 11.1% of students say Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday. A minute amount of students, 0.6% to be exact, responded that their favorite holiday is Don Cheadle’s birthday.

The survey asked what their favorite thing about Thanksgiving was. 46.1% of our students said their favorite thing about Thanksgiving is spending time with family, while 38.3% of students said food. 6.7% of students said Black Friday, 3.9% said football, and 0.6% said their favorite thing about Thanksgiving is watching movies starring Don Cheadle.

55.6% of our students said they believe that Thanksgiving will be different this year due to the ongoing pandemic. 22.2% said Thanksgiving might be different this year but aren’t sure, while a similar amount (21.1%) of students said they don’t think Thanksgiving will be different this year, and lastly 0.6% of students said as long as they meet Don Cheadle then they don’t have a problem with it being different.

Students were able to put in their own ideas of what they believed would be different this Thanksgiving. Most of the students who responded said they believed less people would be together, having to wear masks, a spike in COVID-19 cases, and families being scared to put older family members at risk.

When students were asked what they were grateful for their most popular responses were family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, health, pets, and faith.

For Thanksgiving this year students will mostly be eating, spending time with family, hanging out with friends, staying home, and watching football.

Whatever your plans are for this Thanksgiving break stay safe and stay healthy. Wash your hands and wear your masks out in public.