Editorial Policy

The Phoenix is the official student-produced news website of New Castle High School. It will serve as a voice for the students and is an open forum for student expression and discussion of the issues of concern to its audience. The Phoenix does not discriminate based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other unlawful basis. The Phoenix welcomes advertisements, news briefs, and letters to the editor.

The Phoenix staff will serve the best interests of the students and faculty of NCHS. Overall, the Phoenix staff strives to inform, interpret, and entertain and to cover the whole school population as effectively and accurately as possible. Students journalists of The Phoenix will constantly operate under a code of ethics previously set down as follows: Stories and multimedia use will be fair to all parties, accurate, honest, impartial, and follow strict rules of decency. Phoenix editorials will not receive a byline. Editorials as a whole reflect the opinion of a majority of the staff and others on the staff may disagree.

Comments, user submissions, and letters to the editor:

The Phoenix respects public rights and welcomes comments and letters to the editor. The staff believes it is important to provide an open forum like The Phoenix for students and adults to express their opinions.

Posted comments are not automatically published, but every effort will be made to publish within 24 hours of the comment posting. All content on this website is moderated by the advisor and/or editor, including staff member submitted stories, photographs, and multimedia, as well as, user comments, submissions, and letters to the editor.

There are a few things that can not be printed. Any submissions containing libel, profanity or obscenity, a personal attack, or any in poor taste will not be published. The Phoenix can exercise special rights concerning letters sent to the editor and posted comments. The Phoenix reserves the right to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation or withhold any letter to the editor that contains any of the inappropriate content listed above. All letters to the editor will be posted with the author’s full name. Comments may be submitted anonymously, but are still subject to moderation.           

The Phoenix recognizes that the meaning of the letter can not be altered or changed in any way for any purpose and will not withthold comments based solely on the content of the message as long as it meets the above criteria.

To submit a letter to the editor, email: [email protected]