“Bombs Away” blows away bad feelings


First released album in 2014 by the Australian famous band Sheppard.

Erin McCullough, Reporter

Sheppard’s “do-it-yourself,” according to officialsheppard.com, attitude has helped contribute to the climb of popularity that they have acquired.

I have recently listened to Sheppard’s newly released album “Bombs Away.” Their melodic harmonies turn bad situations into fabulous and more cheery situations.

Sheppard’s official fan club site, officialsheppard.com, seems to agree. “The combination of Euphoric Melodies and emotional content makes for  a sound that is instantly inspirational,” said the site.

I believe that anyone who listens to this album will agree that their melodies combine to create one huge harmony. I know deep down, even when I am depressed, the band Sheppard is a band that I can rely on. Sheppard has definitely opened my eyes to the bright side of any situation I go against.

The songs contained on this album are quite inspirational. For example, the song “Smile” never fails to bring a smile to my face. Through my own personal high school struggles, the song “Smile” is my guiding song to get me through my days till I graduate.

This album that Sheppard has released has empowered me and motivated me to think positive. Sheppard encourages hope to get through any situation. I would recommend this album to any student for it’s motivational message. Sheppard will accept anyone’s freaky flaws and deep thoughts. “Bombs Away” gives students a reason to find glory in a shallow situation.