Review: Joey Graceffa Tells All In Real Life

Megan Gustin, Reporter

Joey Graceffa is a YouTuber by day and New York Times best selling author by night. His first book is called In Real Life, My Journey to a Pixelated World. Graceffa’s new book is about his life and experiences. The book is a memoir that captured the hearts of millions. Graceffa first became known for his music parodies.

I enjoy Graceffa’s book because he has been such a huge inspiration to me. The warm sense of humor will make people laugh. It warms my heart to see how Graceffa puts his fans first and basically leaves everything out in the open.

There is a creative chapter in Graceffa’s book that was dedicated to his fans. The chapter is basically page by page about some of his fans. Graceffa asks his fans questions and put their answers in his book. Graceffa is definitely reminding us that if it were not for his fans, he would not be where he is today. Graceffa constantly thanks his fans at the end of most of his videos and shows us how much he appreciates fans. By watching his videos and leaving comments, his fans are sharing his art with the world.

“I really enjoy Joey Graceffa because I love how he is different in his own way. I started watching Joey when his web-series came out. I have been a fan ever since.” said Sophomore Alyssa Miller.

Graceffa has a wide fan base all thanks to YouTube. Graceffa’s videos are mostly vlogged based. He started his YouTube career making videos with another YouTuber Brittany Joyal, but the two parted their ways in 2012. He then started to post his videos on his own channel called “JoeyGraceffa.” Joey starred in his own web-series called “StoryTellers” and was posting those videos on his main channel. The first video of his web-series aired on his YouTube channel on December 22,  2013, and the first season ended on January 19, 2014. Graceffa is currently trying to get another season.

“I was watching Graceffa around the time he started making videos. He is a real inspiration to me and I really enjoy his videos. I would recommend his videos to anyone who enjoys a good laugh and wants to have a good time,” said Sophomore Ryan Harrison.

Graceffa was also in the 22nd and 24th seasons of The Amazing Race. In 2014 he won a Streamy Award for Best Actor in Drama for StoryTellers. Graceffa was also nominated at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards for Choice Web Star Male. He has a very sensitive and sweet side in his YouTube videos when he explains some bad experiences in his life. Graceffa was not usually comfortable in his own skin, but he still shared as much of himself as possible to the world.