New restaurants around New Castle

Emily Guffey, Joee Hanson, Kaleah Cowan

Cafe Royal for the Royals

Staff Reporter: Joee Hanson

Shawn and Charlene Dent opened a coffee shop called Cafe Royal in February of 2009. Cafe Royal makes carefully handmade food and drinks. The menu offers paninis, sandwiches, pastries, ice cream, and salad among other things. The cafe is open from 6:30AM to 7:00PM.

They also serve drinks such as Coffee, smoothies, and dreamsicle slushies. Their most popular item is the white knight and black knight mochas, which are dark chocolate and white chocolate mochas. Sophomore Taylor Smith said “I love their coffee, it puts a big smile on my face.”

Co-founder, Charlene Dent said, “Yes, the cafe is a great place to study. Kids come in here a lot.”

Costumer Taylor Teal agrees, “It’s the best in New Castle. I go here all the time.” 

If you want something a little different, Cafe Royal will take special orders.The cafe is a great place to eat, socialize, study, and get a pumpkin spice latte somewhere besides Starbucks.

Temptations in Temptations

Staff reporter: Kaleah Cowan

Temptations is a small bakery near Weenee World that opened 7 years ago in April 2010. It started as just an idea from someone who loved to bake and is New Castle’s special little hometown restaurant. Inga Neal is the owner.

They serve homemade sweets and lunch. Some of their most bought meals are meatloaf, pork tenderloin, and chicken and noodles.  With two sides you could buy one of those for $7, plus a small desert. There is even a carryout lunch four days a week. The service is quite nice and everyone smiles when talking to you. They even cater for any event.

“I love to cook and I love people.” Said Neal, after being asked why she opened the restaurant.

Bridget Peoples has worked at Temptations for 3 and a half years.  She loves her job a lot. Though she had to make sure her job didn’t interfere with her first job, her family.

“I love cooking! I also enjoy meeting new people. I am always meeting new people in the restaurant and out on catering jobs.” Peoples said when asked what the best part of her job is.

Temptations would love to see new people walk in their restaurant. On a free day, go visit the restaurant and enjoy a homemade meal! The restaurant is open 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Get up early for the Early Bird Diner

Staff Editor: M. Emily Guffey

For nearly 8 years, The Early Bird Diner has delighted customers with their amazing food. The restaurant, located just down the street from the public library, has a very small town atmosphere inside.
The Early Bird Diner opens from 6 am to 2 pm on weekdays and 6 am to 12 pm on Saturdays. The diner serves a wide variety of breakfast and lunch dishes.
I personally have been going to the restaurant nearly every other day, and even though I have not had everything on the menu, I have simply adored everything I’ve ever gotten. Some things I would highly recommend would be their grilled tenderloin, which costs $5.59 or the grilled chicken which is $4.59. There is also the breakfast menu, which can go from $3.99 for a half order of biscuits and Gravy to $7.99 for a big Western Omelet.
“Our best seller would probably be the breaded tenderloin,” said owner Teddy Tolls. He opened the restaurant for his wife but ended up enjoying it more than she did.
The dinner provides an inexpensive place to meet on Saturdays and has some great food. Come on down to have a nice breakfast experience.