“Atypical” Season 1, a review


Grayson Joslin, Editor

During these times spent in self-isolation, boredom can run rampant. One way someone can battle their boredom is streaming a show on Netflix. I took some time to do that. After looking, I found one show that I was wanting to watch – Atypical, a Netflix Original series. This is a show that I have wanted to watch since it first came out in 2017, but have not watched it until now. I am going to be giving my feedback on the first season of this series.

Atypical follows the Gardner family. 18-year-old Sam is the main focus of the show. Sam is high-functioning and on the autism spectrum. Sam has an obsession with the last continent, Antarctica. Sam likes to talk about the many facts that he has learned about the continent. His only sibling is sister Casey, who is protective of Sam and very talented at track. The Gardner parents are Elsa, the overprotective matriarch of the family, and Doug, a medic.

The first season follows Sam as he begins to look for a relationship. Each passing episode brings with it more developments, and some of them can be absolutely shocking. This comedy drama weighs out the funny with the serious very well. The star of this show is Keir Gilchrist. Gilchrist, who portrays Sam, excels massively in his part and shows what it truly is like to be on the spectrum as he crosses the river into adulthood. This series goes through its fair share of comedic moments, warmhearted moments, and moments that are curt and delivered shrewd. And that is Atypical at its best.

The show becomes one that you grow to love over time. As the season progresses, the characters get more depth and life to them. The sometimes overdone dysfunctional family trope is shown new life in this series, as everyone in the Gardner family deals with some ongoing situation during the duration of this season.

Atypical breaks new ground in the coming-of-age genre. This first season is truly a winner. It is not full of rainbows and butterflies, but it is captivating. Atypical‘s relatable characters help this show stand out. And if you enjoy this season, then good news is coming your way! There is a season two and three, with a fourth and final season on its way in 2021. Each season expands and adds more depth to this show. If you are looking for some shows to put on your “watch list”, put this on there. In the crowded catalogue of Netflix originals that include Tiger King, House of Cards and Ozark, this is a diamond in the rough.

Grayson’s Grade: 90/100 (A-)