Falling for Sports


 There are still Fall Sports that students can still join. This includes cross country, cheer, and football. Fall sports is a great way to start off the year and get involved with the school.

Mrs. Davis is the cheerleading coach and is looking for freshman and new students to join her cheer team. A good thing about joining J.V. cheerleading is the fun and hard effort they put into their work. See her after school in room M107 for details.

The football team is looking for new members to join. To join football talk to coach York in Field House. Football is encouraged because it tests dominance and athletic skills.

To join cross country, talk to Coach Grimes, the team is very welcoming to new people. Running can also prepare students for other sports in the winter.

The fall sports that are no longer eligible to join are volleyball and soccer. These sports had summer practices and they are very important to attend. Try again this spring because there are plenty of sports to do then.

Reach out to these coaches before it is too late! Have a great fall either watching or playing sports.