New Castle Basketball is Underway!

Conner McCormick

         New Castle Boys Basketball is here, and there are some high hopes for the season ahead. So far the Trojans have played 3 games. Varsity off to a rocky start with a 2-3 record. JV starting a bit stronger with a 3-1 record.

         Varsity Head Coach Daniel Cox had a comment on the season so far. ¨Our team is much different than last year, so it’s going to require players to all raise their level & perform differently than they did last year.¨ Coach Cox is also very keen on improving his team this year, ¨We must stay focused on daily improvement & being the toughest group around.¨

         So far, some top performers this year include: Luke Bumbalough, Nick Grieser, Blake Burris, and Mason Hardwick. With Luke actually scoring over 1000 points overall, a very impressive achievement.

        Coach Cox commented about Luke´s recent accomplishments and performance this year. ¨Luke is a very special talent that is able to do a lot of different things on the basketball court. He has the potential to make all of those around him better with his skill level & athleticism.¨

         As for some goals this season, Coach Cox has said, ¨Our number one goal right now is to get better on a daily basis.¨ He also stated, ¨I have the utmost faith that we have the team to do some special things this season.¨

         So far the Trojan offense has been great this year, especially with those top performers. Our defense is staggering a little, but we usually get it on track by the end of the game.

         Sadly we also have an injury at the moment, Mason Gillis is out with a knee injury. He is rehabbing daily and is ready to get back out on the court. No timetable has been given.

         Our Trojans will be facing off against New Palestine High School on Dec 14. It is looking hopeful so far because both Varsity and JV have both beaten them last year.