NCHS’s Mackenzie Lewis jumps into a great year for gymnastics

NCHS's Mackenzie Lewis jumps into a great year for gymnastics

Gymnastics is a great sport that takes a lot of work and skill. It is a sport that definitely not a lot of people can pull off. All of the girls on the Gymnastics team here at NCHS have worked really hard to perfect every skill and to overcome every obstacle that stands in their way. Although they have not competed yet, it is obvious that they will dominate at the first competition that comes there way. One person alone has improved and has put hard work into perfecting herself.

Freshman Mackenzie Lewis is coming into the high school giving it her all this year in Gymnastics. Lewis has always enjoyed gymnastic almost all her life.

Lewis said,”Gymnastics is something that I’m really passionate about and so when I have practice it’s kind of like a stress reliever.”

Lewis loves seeing her team improve and get better.  “I feel like my team works really hard at practice. I feel like they all have figured out what events they want to do and routines to their events.”

New Castle will be seeing her further her gymnastic career. Lewis said, ” I am definitely going to be doing gymnastics all 4 years of high school. It would be great to do in college as well but I’m not sure what the future holds for”

There are many different events in gymnastics and each person has perfected either one or two specific events. Lewis said, “I honestly love [all of the events]. I would say the floor and beam are my favorite as of right now.”

Gymnastics takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Each part and event is difficult on its own. Lewis is devoting her time to become not just for herself, but for her team.