When Assistant Coach, Will Ragel, was interviewed he answered the following:

How many years experience do you have?

    I have been coaching wrestling for 25 years.

What values do you set for yourself as a Coach of a team?

    The values I set for myself as a coach are: work hard and stay up with the latest techniques and training, treat athletes fair, have high expectations for myself and the athletes, find the right motivation for athletes to reach their potential.

What is the most rewarding part of being a coach?

    The most rewarding part of coaching is seeing an athlete accomplish something they didn’t believe they could do through hard work and dedication.

Why do you want to coach here?

     I came here 20 years ago because of the reputation the wrestling program had here and to be under the direction of head coach Rex Peckinpaugh.

What are your greatest weaknesses/ strengths?

     My greatest strength is my work ethic.  My greatest weakness is frustration of seeing athletes quit before they receive the reward of the work they put in

Reflecting on your current coaching ability what is going to make you a better coach?

    By working on my frustration with athletes who quit and finding ways to motivate them to hang in there I will become a better coach.