Swim team fighting for the win together

Swimming is an intense sport that takes a lot of work, training, and dedication. Swimmers practice all the time whether that be after school, in the mornings before school, or on the weekend. The swim team here at New Castle works very hard everyday to achieve their goals and win the gold.

“My favorite part is getting to swim with my friends, teammates, and coaches,” said Baylee Rigney. Rigney told me that she feels like everyone put in their best work. NCHS swim team works hard as a whole and they all put in their best work. Our swim team competes a few times a week and when the compete they compete together and they compete to win.

“My favorite thing to swim is the 200 freestyle,” said Rigney. She went on to say how she personally feels like she has improved this year and how her team has too. She explained how they all put in the work because they know they are all working for the big goal which is to work hard and win as a team. “ I am really glad and proud to be on such an amazing team filled with great people who work hard everyday, I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season takes us,” said Rigney. 

“I’m really happy with how we are doing as a team. We are such a young team with 17 of our 22 swimmers being first year high school swimmers or divers that it takes time to adjust to this level. Everything is harder at this level, with the harder schedule, practices, and competition. So I look at how everyone is improving their times and working hard, not necessarily winning. I think the reason for our success is how positive this team is towards one and other, especially the girls team. Both teams look out for each other, and want each other to be successful,” said Kubick

 Practices are going really well so far this year. The swim team has really been focusing on their technique and on the detail of each of their swims. By working on those things especially they have seen a lot of improvement. “With Christmas Break, we are going to start focusing on building the yardage and improving our endurance through races,” said Kubick.

Kubick said, “Everyone has worked well together. I think the main reason is because the athletes want all their teammates to be successful as well.”

The NCHS swim team is a group full of people who go to practice and work hard everyday. This group of kids are in it win it. At meet they are always cheering each other on and lifting each other up. “Everyone has worked well together. I think the main reason is because the athletes want all their teammates to be successful as well,” said Kubick. This group wants to succeed by not only winning their own races but also winning as a school and a team. “One thing I never doubt with this group is they all swim their hardest every time they are in the pool, said Kubick.

Good luck NCHS swim team on the rest of you season. Remember “The strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.”