Coach King retires from baseball


Mackenzie Lewis

Freshman counselor, Bradley King, has officially retired his position as the New Castle High School baseball coach. Teammates and families are really sad to see him go. The NC Phoenix spoke to both the teammates and King to get their thoughts on Coach King’s 19 years of coaching.

“This will be the first spring in 16 years I won’t be developing practice plans, mowing beautiful Sunnyside Field, manning the third base coach’s box, calling pitches, or be known as the head coach of the Trojans.  It will also be the first time since 1995 I haven’t been a part of the New Castle Trojan Baseball Program.  I will miss each of these things because they have been part of what I have done for most of my adult life.  However, the thing I will miss most is the daily interaction with the players as I roamed around the field during batting practice asking how their day was, sharing corny jokes, or puns to lighten the mood during conditioning, or challenging them to be better each day as individual and as a collective, on and off the field,” said King.

“I will miss the way coach brought intensity and the way he put so much into our program. He taught me that I can only control what I can control such as my attitude, my approach, the intensity I bring, and how mentally tough I can be. Coach King has helped me become the person I have become today. He helped me through an injury by staying mentally strong and helping me get back physically,” said Sophomore Blake McKown.

King really enjoyed coaching the New Castle High school baseball team and is sad to go but we hope he did what he felt was best for himself. The NCHS community also hopes he does good in whatever else he decides to do.