Grayson’s Gabs – Trojan Report eager to broadcast basketball games


Grayson Joslin, Editor

The Trojan Report team is back and ready to broadcast basketball games for the second year running.

After a successful debut year of broadcasting the boys basketball games, the Trojan Report is looking forward to a outstanding second campaign. This year the Trojan Report team consists of Senior Blake McKown, Senior Lucas Witham and Junior Cole Werking.

The Trojan Report team is making strides with new technology being added to their fleet. “We have some new equipment that the school has provided us,” McKown said.

“In the broadcasting program this season we have some new talent as well as some new equipment to make the production better,” Werking said.

Last year was a learning curve for the broadcasting crew, as they figured out what did and what didn’t work. They had their fair share of streams not working and WiFi issues. Now, with more experience under their belts, the broadcasting team hopes to streamline the process of setting up broadcasting the games this year. “We set up the equipment at the start of the JV game,” McKown said.

“We study opposing team line ups to know what we are going to talk about,” Witham said.

This year is going to throw a new challenge to the broadcasting team. With the current pandemic limiting attendance at Trojan basketball games, the Trojan Report live stream is going to be the main way fans will be able to their Trojan basketball teams play this season. The broadcasting team is ready to take on the challenge of obtaining new viewers. “Luke and I hope to entertain and provide the community with this service because not a lot of people will get to come to the games,” McKown said.

“We hope to be more engaging and better connect with our growing audience,” Witham said.

The Trojan Report live streams can be found on Youtube by searching the channel name NC Trojan Report. The channel currently has 122 subscribers, and their streams of basketball games have averaged to hundreds of viewers for each game. The team hopes to broadcast all home games this season, but they also hope to broadcast some road games. This wouldn’t be new territory for the broadcasting team. On February 28 of this year, the Trojan Report crew streamed their first away game, as they traveled to Muncie Central High School to broadcast the Trojans-Bearcats game. This turned out to be their most viewed live stream to date, with over 450 people tuning in to watch the game.

The Trojan Report crew enjoy broadcasting the games and they are looking forward to doing it again. “The best thing is working with some great people and getting to support my school,” Witham said.

The broadcasting team is ready to connect with a new audience and to broadcast their games for all of the loyal Trojan fans to see during this basketball season.