What’s hot and what’s not – for January 2020

What's hot and what's not - for January 2020

Mackenzie Lewis

The NCPhoenix is starting something new called what’s hot and what’s not. It is a small conclusion of some things that have been hot and popular this month and things that haven’t been hot this month or things that have fallen off trend.


  • TikTok- a social media platform where people can create 15-60 second videos expressing themselves through singing, dancing, comedy, speech, and lip-syncing.
  • Snapchat- a social media platform where people can communicate through pictures and videos. Along with posting pictures on their ‘stories’ that will only stay posted up to 24 hours max.
  • Memes- a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users.
  • Mom jeans- a vintage jean being worn by young woman.
  • Charli D’amelio- a very popular tiktok creator who posts various dancing videos.
  • Hype house- a bunch of people who live together and create viral tiktok videos
  • The Oscars- also known as the Academy Awards, where actors are awarded for their role in major motion pictures.
  • Kobe and Gianna Bryant- Kobe Byrant, a famous NBA basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, and his daughter Gianna Bryant died in a helicopter accident on January 26,2020, along with seven others in California.


  • Danielle Bregoli- aka Bhad Bhabie is still making music and has changed her hair color from bright red to brown. Bhad Bhabie just hasn’t popped off recently and hasn’t been the topic of anyone’s conversation lately.
  • Politics- no one has really been talking about politics lately. Since people tried to impeach Donald Trump there hasn’t really been any talk about him nor anything else.
  • Youtube- I think just about everyone still watches YouTube videos however, no has really been talking about any specific YouTubers.
  • Jake and Logan Paul- Jake and Logan Paul were huge YouTubers with about 20 million subscribers each. Although they have had many feuds with each other and boxing tournaments together they have fallen off in recent months.

That concludes January’s session of what’s hot and what’s not.